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Update 7.3.2021

Ich freue mich....

seit 5.3.2022 ist der Zutritt zum Tanzunterricht wieder ohne jede Einschränkung möglich!

Informationen zur aktuellen Situation finden Sie hier


offers, among traditional courses in the dancing school, various different dancing trips since 2004. The idea behind that: compact dancing lessons over a (long) weekend, or distributed over a week at carefully selected locations.

A beautiful ballroom and good food are a must, most of the selected hotels also offer great wellness areas or a located next to the water. In a pleasant ambience and far from everyday's hustle, learning has a lasting effect.

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the Idea

in 8 to 10 dancing lessons varying topics and needs are covered. From beginner to the proficient hobby couple, from Waltz to Slow Foxtrot, from Boogie to Argentine Tango. But always lessons for couples with high expectations towards teaching methods and results. Dancing, movement should be natural, music is interpreted through movement and, at the same time, harmony is created inside the couple.

(Re)creative weekends, aligned to the participating couples, with style and lots of fun!



Dancing Trips

Club Graz

... offers couples the possibilities to stylishly foster their existing joy of dancing, deepen and broaden their knowledge, achieve expression and confidence in dancing. The small groups are also perfect for first-time contacts with this beautiful hobby for two.