Ritmo Latino 2021


Fully booked, only waiting list!

19. to 21. November 2021

Naturidyllhotel Landhofmühle
Minihof-Liebau (Near Loipersdorf)
Burgenland, Austria

Price per person in double room/HB EUR ???,--
Included are:  
2 Nights in double room/B; culinary evening on Saturday EUR ???,--
8 hours dancing lessons EUR 125,--

Folder Download (German Folder)

Latin America's Rhythms...

Mambo: syncopated love of life
Rumba: playing with closeness and separation
ChaChaCha: flirt and fun

Whether beginner or skilled hobby-dancer: this weekend will be a (re)creative experience for sure.

Dancing lessons start on Friday at 7 PM, ending Sunday, 12 AM.




short, compact routines with an emphasis on technique and expression are front and center. This weekend deals especially with the relationship of the partners to each other during dancing.
Leading and being lead, deciding, conveying, understanding,...And: culinary treats are already a tradition in the "Landhofmühle". Top notch breakfast, culinary evening on Saturday, welcome snack on Friday.